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Physical Verification Fees

Every case varies in complexity. Call us today to discuss your Wyoming verification needs.

Our Practice

Our investigators follow the strict privacy guidelines to help you achieve optimal investigative results.

Our Wyoming verifiers can provide you with the results you need in order to make a decision on the condition of a scene or asset in Wyoming. We have the tools and experience necessary to provide you with accurate and detailed observations of your interest in Wyoming.

We help you find the facts related to your case with a discrete and professional attitude.

Call us to see how Sheridan Process Servers team can help your case.

Types Of Cases




Verification Areas

  • Asset Existence
  • Confirm Collateral
  • Inspect Scene
  • Verify Condition

No case is too small. Anything you need investigated, we can deliver results.

*Fees are to be pre-paid and are non-refundable.

Why Choose a Verifier?

Choosing to hire a verifier has several benefits.

Our team can help you determine if something actually exists in Wyoming. As a third-party we can inspect a scene and provide documentation of its condition.

Who would want to hire an verifier?

Someone located out of the State of Wyoming may be interested in hiring a property verifier to determine an asset actually exists. Purchasing a vehicle, boat, or home out of state.