Sheridan, Wyoming Private Investigator


Services for private individuals, insurance agencies, lawyers, and corporations.

Private Investigation Fees 

Every case varies in complexity. Call us today to discuss your Sheridan, Wyoming investigation needs. 

Our Practice

Our investigators follow the strict privacy guidelines to help you achieve optimal investigative results. 

Our Wyoming private investigators have the experience to provide you with satisfying results through diligence, documentation, and fact finding. We have successfully privately investigated cases involving criminal, civil, matrimony, corporate fraud, and insurance.

We help you find the facts related to your case with a discrete and professional attitude. We understand your privacy is a top priority and consider this as a default when conducting any private investigation of any nature.

Call us to see how Sheridan Process Server Wyoming Investigation team can help your case.

Types Of Cases 




Private Investigation Areas

  • Matrimony Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Public Records Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations

No case is too small. Anything you need investigated, we can deliver results.

*Fees are to be pre-paid and are non-refundable. 

Why Choose a Private Investigator?

Choosing to hire a private investigator has many benefits.

A private investigator, also known as a private detective, is capable of looking into leads inconspicuously without bringing attention that someone in a uniform would transpire. Your investigation is strictly confidential and is not discussed with anyone besides you.

Who would want to hire an investigator?

If you are looking into hiring a private investigator, then you may not be able to follow up with all of the leads yourself. Many times, someone chooses to hire a private investigator because their physical location is out of state or their presence could raise suspicion.

Our Wyoming investigations team can utilize their experience to help locate individuals or information that is critical to their case. Experience goes a long ways when it comes to the organization, critical thinking, and analysis required for some cases.

How much does a private investigator/detective cost?

The cost of a Sheridan, Wyoming private investigator will depend on the type of case and complexity of the situation. In all cases we will require a retainer.