What is Service of Process

Once a lawsuit is filed with the clerk of court the defendant or parties need to be aware of the pending case. Service of process lets the defendant know there is a claim against them. Process servers are an essential part of the legal process that helps get a lawsuit going.

Are there rules a process server has to follow?

A process server, just like anybody, has to follow all state and federal laws. When it comes to serving a summons, a process server follows the Rules of Civil Procedure. Every state has these rules and they can vary from jurisdiction. Wyoming's Rule 4 of the civil procedure outlines who can serve process, who can accept process, how a person is served, and many other details.

Where can a person be served in Wyoming?




Where can a business entity be served in Wyoming?



Where can a person be served in Wyoming?




*Method of service may depend on the type of document and subject matter of the case. Check with a professional to see which method is best for your unique situation.

How Service of Process Works

Case is Filed

Once a case is filed, the clerk of court will create a summons. Some courts require a process server to be appointed. Which can be as simple as telling the clerk who you choose to serve the documents.

Process Server Receives Documents

A process server receives the summons and complaint or any other relevant documents.

Locate The Named Party

The process server then locates the named party and attempts to serve the individual or entity. Sometimes a co-resident of the named individual can be served.

After Service

Once service of process has been effectuated, the server will create a proof of service/ affidavit of service which will need to be filed with the court to show the parties have been notified of the lawsuit.

What if I need to serve a company that is no longer registered in Wyoming?